Contributing to Education

Education is one of Rockwood 2000’s Chartered goals. Over the years we made concerted efforts to expand in this area and we restructure as necessary. We continue to look for additional opportunities to develop or expand on our goals. At present, we are supporting the Rockwood community in the following ways:

Supporting Rockwood

At present, we are supporting the Rockwood community in the following ways:

Ridgeview Elementary School
Contribute most years $750 towards a trip to the State Capitol for all six Fifth Grade classes. While there, students tour the Capitol Building, observe Tennessee law makers in action, and meet with their local State Representative and the State Senator.

Rockwood Middle School
In 2022 we contributed $1,000 to the Rockwood Middle School.

Rockwood High School
Our 2022 contribution to Rockwood High School was $1,000. The school uses these funds in various ways. The objective is to give the students incentives for accomplishing their educational goals.

Educational Political Forums
Occasionally events present us with the opportunity to provide educational forums to the general public. We plan political forums in general election years. Rockwood 2000 hosts “meet the candidates” question and answer sessions and provide the venue and the moderator. These sessions have proven to be effective in educating the public in Rockwood as well as all of Roane County.

Boys State and Girls State
Recently, we added the American Legion’s national program called Boys State and Girls State. Our donation allowed two students from Rockwood High School to attend classes at nearby colleges. Students entering into their senior year in the fall, and in the top third of their class were selected to attend a week-long class to learn about American government. These young students come to understand their roles in a democratic society.