Beautify Rockwood

Some of the key missions of Rockwood 2000 are to beautify common areas in Rockwood that residents can enjoy, to show Rockwood as a city that cares about its appearance, and to foster community pride.

The following is a list of areas that were developed and planted by Rockwood 2000:

  • Historic Post Office
  • Rockwood Library
  • Homecoming Park
  • Community Center, Veteran’s Clinic, Rockwood Dog Pound
  • Bridges on Rockwood Street and Rathburn Street

Rockwood 2000 purchases all plant materials and mulch. In addition, the Rockwood City workers water the plants during the spring and summer months. Without their help, our planting efforts would be futile, and our beautification efforts pointless. We owe the city workers a big Thank You for their help!

Volunteers are always welcome and any offers of help are greatly appreciated. Lending a hand with these beautification projects is so helpful and more valuable than you can imagine! Please visit our contact page for further information.

Gallery of Photos